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1949 Packard 2262-9 Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan For Sale

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1949 Packard 2262-9 Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan, Blue

1949 Packard 2262-9 Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan. Gasoline Engine.

Packard- “Ask the man who owns one”

There can be no mistaking the name borne by this miracle of motoring excellence. Here is the perfect blending of advanced engineering with sound craftmanship – the unique quality that is Packard’s alone. You’ll find it in the modernistic yet dignified styling, the faultlessly tasteful interior, and above all in the serenely powerful engine which performs with such unbelievable new economy. The car you buy today may have to last for years. Packard quality insures long life and low maintenance. (Advertisement from December 1, 1948)

This Packard is a 2262-9 Deluxe Eight Touring Sedan.

1949 Series 22 model/chasis 2211 equipped with a 8 cylinder (288 Cu.In.), 130 HP engine.

Odometer shows about 46,XXX miles but had not worked for some years.

The vehicle is a 6 passenger, four door. Very large trunk area.

Packard Body Color – Scheme H, Entire Car, Agate Blue, Metallic.

Manual brakes, no power steering and no air conditioning.

Electrical- 6 Volt DC , Positive Ground.

The 1948-1949 Packard models were one of the first all new post-war cars that went to market.

Appearance included "ox-yoke" shaped upper grille; full-width, wraparound lower grille; a pair of simplified, vertical front bumper guards; and smoother, rounded body lines, often referred to as the "inverted bathtub" or "soap bar" look.

Vehicle is mostly period correct with minor upgrades such as electronic ignition and radio which is now AM/FM (note that the radio is in the original radio chassis). Additionally the brake master cylinder and pads have been replaced. Odometer and clock was repaired and is working.

This is a fun driver vehicle with normal wear and tear. This was my dads car and he very much enjoyed driving and showing it off.


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