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Company History

National Vehicle was started in 1999 in downtown Omaha, Nebraska with a handful of employees.   The goal was to provide an effective way to bring the buyers and sellers of special interest, luxury and classic cars together to facilitate an agreement easily from anywhere in the world.  

As the company grew we began marketing in other areas creating Classy Bikes, Classy RV’s, Classy BMW, Classy Boats, Classy Jaguar, and Classy Chevy.  National Vehicle was able to provide both buyers and sellers a marketplace that extended beyond the boundaries of more traditional, local classified newspaper advertising.  Instead of a limited, local audience, we provided access to the world. 

Due to the diversity and needs of its growing market, National Vehicle grew out of its downtown Omaha location and into our current location at the Center Street Mall nearly doubling our sales and support staff. 

In 2009, 10 years after starting, we were honored to be listed on the Inc 5000.

National Vehicle has proven itself as a leader in our industry.  No other online service works harder at reaching so many diverse markets.



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