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1989 Peterbilt 379 EXHD Tandem Axle Truck For Sale

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1989 Peterbilt 379 EXHD Tandem Axle Truck, Red/Black, 400,000 Miles

1989 Peterbilt 379EXHD Harley themed Semi Truck.
This truck was a working truck all its life up until two years ago when it was retired and I purchased it with the idea of creating a Show Truck. The truck is an 89 but only because that’s what the title says it is. Everything on this truck has either been changed, checked, replaced, painted or Modified. This Pete is in 2010 Conditions. The project started by the stretching and lowering the truck; it was stretched to 355 yes 355 inch wheelbase 36 feet long Front to back. I swapped out the old differential and outdated rear suspension with a newer Peterbilt low air suspension and diffs. I went ahead and drilled the suspension higher into the chassis thus lowering the rear end on the truck and replaced all 4 rear bags. It is now low low air. The front was lowered by removing all the leafs except the main one and then I added a second main leaf and installed a set of bags and it rides great…


Front to back the truck has a 20 inch Stainless bumper with hidden LED lights all along the bottom. this is not an off the shelf bumper, this bumper was cut and made specifically for this truck . The front grill is also stainless with the Harley logo cut out into the grille, it is a long nose and I went ahead and painted the grille shell to make it look even longer. I removed the Peterbilt logos and replaced them with custom billet Harley Peterbilt ones they look amazing. The front fenders have been stretched down 3 inches and match up perfectly to the front bumper. Moving back to the filters they are Vortex filters with a hidden mount kit, notice no filter straps or hood latches those have also been shaved..On to the cab its has a bowtie dropped visor also with hidden LED lights all new glass front side and rear all new. I suicide the doors and shaved everything off, no latches no peep window on the pass side and no more vent windows. I converted it over to the more modern one piece side window. Glass, seals, are all new and the doors open with poppers. The rear view mirror Arms where Built by Jeff @ 12 gauge out of Canada. The stacks are monster 10 Inch round stainless and measure 13 feet 1 inch. The side panels on the cab and sleeper have a 7 inch drop with hidden LEDs on them. The boxes where custom made and are basically just smooth and clean looking. The whole truck just flows nicely front to back. Not overloaded with crap. The sleeper is a 2002 63 inch Unibilt sleeper, remember in 89 there was no air ride on the cab, so I converted it. I used all OEM parts for this upgrade the cab was opened and fitted with the new frame making the passage to the sleeper bigger all the reinforcement bracket for the cab where added. This is done just like the factory does it, no corners cut here, the driver door on the sleeper is also suicide. The deck plate has been wrapped in simulated alligator belly material to match the inside floor and firewall. Moving to the back a custom panel was made between the tanks with a Harley logo cut out and 4 LED lights finally the rear fenders are double hump phantom and they drop down to about 6 inches from the ground, no curb jumping with these, the back is just a clean stainless bumper with 4 LED lights and the ROAD HAWG name on it.


The interior was completely removed including the dash and was completely redone, all the switches where replaced, all the gauges where inspected and or changed and are in working condition, the dash panel was painted orange to match the outside. The floor is wrapped in alligator belly, all the walls are wrapped in black ultra leather, The door panels are custom made with an Orange flame speaker pod to match the flame on the floor between the seats, the seat are Legacy low with Harley Logos and TVs in the head rest, I also added a skirt to them to hide all the brackets which makes them look more classy. The pictures speak for themselves. Another small yet very important detail on this truck is that it is completely wrapped in Dynamat making it a little quieter by dampening some of the noise. Hidden expense but worth every penny. There is a lot of time and detail that went inside this truck, must be seen to be appreciated.

Engine and Transmission

The motor has about 400k miles on it, I opened up the top and bottom and everything is in perfect conditions. It is a Caterpillar 425 mechanical or 3406B in CAT terms. The tranny is an Eaton Fuller low low 15 speed with the last gear up toward the dash. This is by far the best setup for these trucks. As you can see in the pictures the motor was completely inspected painted, powder coated, ceramic coated, and detailed. All hoses were replaced with black braided lines with aluminum fittings. All Fluids where replaced in April of this year. The motor is a work of art like the rest of the truck.

Wheels and Tires

Wheels are 24.5 Diesel wheels with a custom design cut into them, they are powder coated black with a polished lip and a hand painted orange pinstripe. All 10 wheels have designs paint and dimples on the inside and outside no other set like this. The wheels still meet DOT ratings. The tires are Sumitomo 285 75 x 24.5 and don’t have a thousand miles on them. hell the truck doesn’t have a thousand miles on it since I finished it.

There is no warranty or a guarantee on the truck buyer is responsible for inspection and shipping.


Only driven to shows. This truck has numerous trophies and awards that will not come with the truck, but to name a few; best of show, 1st place, best paint, best interior and 3 Peoples Choice Award. The truck was just shot by Custom Rig Magazine and should be out late this year.


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Miami, FL 33143
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