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1966 Alfa Romeo Duetto For Sale

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1966 Alfa Romeo Duetto, Red/Black

1966 Alfa Rameo Duetto. 4 Cylinder Gasoline Engine. Manual Transmission. 6,799 Miles 3,000 Miles Since 1976.

Please Note: The Main Thumbnail Photo is a scan (no digital photography back then) of a picture from 1976 when I bought the car. As you can see the only major change has been replacing the hard top for a soft top.

In 1966 Alfa Romeo produced what might be called the "Beta edition" of the Duetto. It's production in1966 was limited and it was not generally exported to the United States. The 1966 edition is to the '67 Duetto like the '64 Mustangs are to the '65s, only mush more rare. Purchased 1976 Vicenza Italy, this car listed is in very good condition. It has never been restored, but well maintained.

Finding a market value for this gem is difficult. Extrapolating from National Automobile Dealers Association data the asking price tops out at $140,000. Asking price for this car is now $99,900. The car is mostly original. It has new front disc brakes. The convertible top is new. The car also comes with a hard top that fastens using the convertible connections.

My Alfa Rameo is a must see and drive! If you can come see for yourself, I'm sure you'll agree that you won't find another one in this condition again. I'm not selling the car because I need to. I'm selling it because its time for me to pass it on to someone who will enjoy it for the next 40 years. Call today and I'll tell you all about my car. Then make an appointment for to come see it.


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