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2012 Ford F-350 Lariat FX4 Crew Cab For Sale

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2012 Ford F-350 Lariat FX4 Crew Cab, Pearl White/Two-tone Tan, 176,000 Miles

2012 Ford F-350 Lariat FX4 Crew Cab. 6.7L Power-stroke Turbo Diesel Engine. Automatic Transmission. 4X4.

With uncommon strength and pulling power, this brute will earn its keep by working like a draft horse. It'll pull big trailers and tote heavy loads without complaint. Pickups such as this F-350 Lariat are the Clydesdales of the automotive business.

Just because the Super Duty models are beasts of burden doesn't mean the interiors are all vinyl and steel. Modern conveniences and technology are all here. Our four-door Lariat sports a host of convenience features! Take a look at our features list and photos, you will not be disappointed!

The engine is the heart and soul of a heavy-duty pickup truck. This one is powered by a beefy 6.7-liter V8 diesel engine that pounds out 440 horsepower. If towing or hard work is your gig, this diesel is the answer. Not only is the torque output substantial, it cranks it right off idle. Believe me, this thing can pull down your house. Get it on the highway, though, and it accelerates as smoothly and quickly as a gasoline-engined truck and gets better mileage.

If you've been shopping for a F-350 Lariat FX4, you know trucks like this go fast! He who hesitates misses out on the opportunity to own this F-350!

Additional Features Include:
20" Fuel Rims
New Front LED Lights
8' Bed
Gooseneck Kit installed


For Sale By Owner
Phone: 800-320-9557
Listing ID: 136199
Saint Johns, MI 48879
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